Manhunting in Mississippi

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Publication Date: January 2020
She's got a plan... to find herself a man!

When Piper Shepherd learns she's the very last of her group of girlfriends still single, she decides to embark on an old-fashioned manhunt with her grandmother's Guide to a Marrying a Good Man in hand.  The catch?  Finding an eligible man in the tiny Mississippi town where she works as a food scientist designing decadent desserts.  Her latest client, a hunky Chicago restaurateur, is her first serious target, but there's one little problem...

He's a man... with a ring on his hand!

Ian Bentley's longtime girlfriend just proposed--with a ring!  He grudgingly agrees to consider her proposal during a business trip to a little Mississippi town in search of a signature dessert for his chain of coffee shops.  He'd been dreading the visit south in the dog days of summer, but suddenly he's looking forward to relaxing in a place where things move in slow motion, and no one is trying to get him to the altar.  He doesn't count on the explosive chemistry with the food scientist assigned to his project.  But what the woman can do with chocolate is sinful...

A sexy romantic comedy!

(Note:  This book was originally released in 1998; Stephanie has updated and revamped the story for re-release.)

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