Life is like riding an elevator... just make sure you get off on the right floor.

Hello.  My name is Virginia, although I live in Georgia… Atlanta, to be precise.  Two years ago I happily clutched my degree in Hospitality Management, smug with the knowledge that I'd always have job security because no matter what, people would always travel, right?  And then the pandemic happened.  I feel guilty complaining about losing my job in the midst of so much tragedy, but it came on the heels of a bad breakup, and being partially abandoned by my jet-setting parents.  I was shook.

Thank goodness the economy is starting to reopen, but because so many hotels have closed permanently, there are three people for every hospitality job available, and I don’t have enough experience to even warrant an interview.  So when I heard of an opening at a historic hotel in Midtown that’s allegedly haunted, I showed up in person to beg for the job.  I naively told the eccentric owner I’d do anything… and that’s how I wound up being an Elevator Girl.

What’s an Elevator Girl?  Stay tuned, friends, for the story.  There are ghosts, an unsolved murder, and some of the most oddball guests imaginable.  Oh, and the mind-bending secret I stumbled upon in the basement.  In between I spend a LOT of time riding up and down, wondering where my life went wrong and how I can get off this ride.


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July 25, Sunday

I studied the front of the unkempt little bungalow that had seen better days, double-checked the address, then rang the doorbell.

After two minutes, I rang it again.  When another two minutes had passed, I turned around to leave.

Then the door swung open.

I turned back to see an older man standing there, looking over the top of his glasses.  “Can I help you?”

A memory chord vibrated in my brain, but I dismissed it—I’d been experiencing false déjà vu a lot lately.  “Detective Aaron Cassidy?”

“Retired,” he corrected.  “Do I know you?”

“My name is Virginia Hall.  I work at the Coronado hotel.  Can I talk to you about Eloise Mathers?”

His lips parted.  “I saw you at the lounge last night—at the bar.”

Now I remembered—he was the man sitting alone.  “Yes, I was there.”

“You were flirting with the bartender.”

“He was flirting with me,” I amended.

“Fair enough.  How did you find me?”

“Detective Terry told me you were the original investigating officer.”

He inclined his head.  “That’s right.”

“Can you tell me what you remember about the incident?”

“It’s all in the case notes,” he said.  “I always thought it was the woman’s boyfriend, but I couldn’t prove it.”

“Do you remember his name?”

He slowly shook his head.  “Sorry, no… it’s been a long time, and my memory isn’t what it used to be.”

“I understand,” I said.  I pulled a piece of paper from my bag and wrote my name and number on it.  “If you think of anything that might be helpful, would you contact me?”

He took the piece of paper, and nodded.

“Thank you.”  I turned to walk back down the steps.

“Ms. Hall.”

I turned back.

“May I ask why you’re interested in the case?”

I gave him a little smile.  “We’re both Elevator Girls, Eloise and I.”  ~

A Note from the Author