Long hours, low pay, and big dreams...

Hi there.  I’m Hattie Morehead, and for a 19-year-old, I’ve screwed up my life pretty good so far. I grew up in a town in Tennessee the size of a mud puddle, and I’d planned to be somewhere else by now doing something important.  Instead I got myself pregnant, dropped out of high school, and took a job at the same sewing factory that sucked the life out of my mother and my grandmother.

My relatives are shady, my friends are freaks, and my romantic prospects are dim. But this small-town girl has big dreams:

Someday I’m gonna get out of here.
Someday everyone will know my name.
Because someday instead of sewing designer clothes for minimum wage, I’ll have my own clothing line.

I admit, at times that day seems far, far away. But I’m gonna make it happen. I simply have to.

For now, I’m hanging in and hanging on… by a thread.

The FACTORY GIRL daily serial ran July 1 - December 31, 2019. A big thank you to everyone who came along for the ride! And even though the serial has ended, all 6 FACTORY GIRL e-novellas are available to binge read (see the links at the top of this page).

Also, the FACTORY GIRL serial is available in print and audio!

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The FACTORY GIRL serial has ended, but click here for information on the latest daily serial, LOTTERY GIRL!