A steamy romantic comedy novella--available now!

Rex on the Beach

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Publication Date: August 2021
It's getting hot out here...

A steamy beach read to heat up your day!

It’s getting hot out here…

Lucinda Belvedere is a private investigator tasked with finding a runaway groom.  She has a feeling the Best Man in the wedding, Rex McCormick, knows the whereabouts of his fugitive friend, so she goes undercover near his beach house to flirt the information out of him.  But she doesn’t count on how sexy the target is, or their sizzling hot chemistry.

So take off all your clothes…

Rex McCormick has escaped to his vacation home to ponder the ultimatum of his girlfriend to put a ring on it.  The beach has always cleared his mind, but on this trip a redheaded tourist has his head spinning.  He tries to resist Lucy, but he has to admit, it’s nice to be with a woman who isn’t trying to get an answer out of him.

If you’re looking for a little heat, REX ON THE BEACH is sure to raise the temperature a few degrees!

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