Body Movers

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Publication Date: August 2006
And you thought you had a dead end job...

Atlanta debutante Carlotta Wren was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. So at 18, when her parents skip town after being accused of a white-collar crime and leave her to raise her younger brother Wesley, her entire world is upended. Her blueblood fiancé dumps her, her high-society friends turn their backs on her, and her dreams of college fizzle into a career in retail just to get by....

Fast forward ten years, and Carlotta and Wesley are still kicking—each other. After sacrificing her twenties to be a mother to Wesley, she feels like a failure when the lovable genius slacker, who’s up to his neck in gambling debt to loan sharks, is arrested for hacking into the city courthouse records—a move that puts their fugitive parents’ case back in the spotlight. An exasperated Carlotta gives Wesley an ultimatum to get a real job...but she doesn’t expect him to become a body mover for the morgue...or to be drawn into body moving herself...or for the experience to reunite her with an old love....

“This is a series the reader will want to jump on in the very beginning.” —Writers Unlimited

“A fun and exciting romp from beginning to end. Body Movers is signature Stephanie Bond, with witty dialogue, brilliant characterization, and a wonderful well-plotted storyline.” —Contemporary Romance Writers

"This series is simply splendid. Vivid, quirky, flawed wonderful people fill its pages and you care about what happens to them." —Huntress Reviews

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