A steamy romantic novella!

You Can Leave Your Hardhat On—available now!

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Publication Date: June 2022
He isn't exactly husband material... or is he?

Architect Samantha Stone is lonely, but she's had it dating losers!  She and two single girlfriends make a pact not to date guys who aren't marriage material.  Sam's mind goes back to one particularly unsuitable suitor from her past--Teague Brownlee, a bad boy from high school with no ambition and with whom she spent one decadent night, then never saw again.  She muses he probably still lives in a small town and has a gaggle of kids, barely making ends meet... and that's not what she wants out of life.  So when Samantha arrives on the jobsite of the project that's supposed to cement her career, imagine her surprise when her new foreman turns out to be Teague--and he's single.  Technically she's his boss, but the success of the job is in his hands.  And with their chemistry smoldering just as hot as before, things could get sticky… in a good way.

Heat up your day with this hot little story!