A steamy romantic novella!

Nobody's Fool—available now!

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Publication Date: March 2023
A secret admirer prank backfires bigtime!

Love is no joke…

Kate has it all—almost.  She's devoted her career to a legacy toy company and was just promoted to VP of Sales. The only problem is with all her experience, sales is the department she knows least about. She's nervous about the approval of the company's top sales rep and legendary prankster, Eric, because they have, um… history.  On the other hand, it was only one night years ago, and the ladies' man has probably forgotten about it.

…but it can be a lot of fun!

Eric isn't happy to be reporting to Kate, who has no sales experience and is the only woman who made him want… more.  He's already planning his exit from the company, so he concocts one last prank for April Fool's Day—convincing the uptight Kate she has a secret admirer.  Eric invites Kate on a sales trip to teach her the ropes and to watch her squirm as the anonymous love notes arrive.  But too late he realizes he still has feelings for the smart, beautiful woman, and the joke might be on him!