A steamy romantic comedy!

KIDS is a 4-Letter Word—available now in ebook and print!

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Publication Date: April 2024
Newly updated for re-release!

A little white lie…

Interior designer Jo Montgomery has her life all planned out—and it doesn't include kids! So when she's stuck taking a client's kids to an important meeting, she's frantic… then lands the account because the customer thinks she's a mom!

That balloons out of control…

But no big deal—the kids' widower father owes her one, right?  Except Jo doesn't expect John Sterling to be Mr. Right.  Even his little terrors are growing on her… but what will he think of her when he finds out about her lie? And worse—what will her boyfriend think?

Newly updated for re-release!  (Ebook available exclusively from Amazon and available in Kindle Unlimited through mid-July, then available everywhere.)  Print version available through Amazon.

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