A steamy romantic comedy!

Irresistible? — available now in ebook and print!

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Publication Date: March 2024
Newly updated for re-release!

A steamy romantic comedy about chemical attraction!

In IRRESISTIBLE? a financially strapped artist enrolls in a clinical study on pheromones (the scent we secrete to attract a mate) and the pills make her irresistible to every man she meets! She finds one man—a client who sits for a corporate portrait and who would normally be out of her league—especially appealing, despite the fact that they're opposites in every way. Against her better judgment she indulges in a fling and falls head over heels... but when the study ends, will his attraction to her vanish along with the pheromones?

If you like romantic comedy movies, you'll love IRRESISTIBLE?!

Note:  IRRESISTIBLE? will be available in ebook exclusively from Amazon for 90 days after the release date (and available in Kindle Unlimited), then will be removed from KU and available at all the other major online book retailers.

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