A romantic mystery!

ESCORT GIRL, The Complete Daily Serial—now available in print!

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Publication Date: May 2023
Part chaperone, part babysitter, part therapist... all business.

In this romantic mystery, a young woman takes a job at a public relations firm and winds up getting pulled into her clients' drama, problems, and crimes!

"I'm Ester Sharpe.  When I found myself unceremoniously fired, I took the best job I could find--a talent escort at an Atlanta public relations firm.  Now I'm part chaperone, part babysitter, and part therapist to needy, attention-seeking celebrities.  My goal is to get them where they need to be, keep them out of trouble while they're here, and send them on their way with as little damage to themselves and to others as possible.

And seeing as how I'm the overlooked daughter of celebrities in their own right, this should be a cinch, right?  Wrong!  I thought the experience would be a good diversion from my own messed-up life... but I didn't expect to be pulled into a murder!"

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