Baby, Hold On

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Publication Date: May 2020

In the romantic comedy novella BABY, HOLD ON soldier Mike Nichols brings his search and rescue dog Sheridan to Sweetness for a skills refresher at the town’s dog training facility. But he’s worried sick—his once fierce and heroic dog is now so timid and nervous, Mike fears he’ll have to be retired. Irritation over Sheridan’s condition puts Mike at odds with the offbeat owner of a dog grooming service, who, according to local rumor, is some sort of dog whisperer.

Lacey Lovejoy is intrigued by the handsome dog handler, but after the man snaps at her, she decides his dog’s issues might have something to do with his overbearing master. When Mike grudgingly asks for her help with healing Sheridan to meet a training deadline, Lacey reluctantly takes the job. In close quarters, the task and the pressure is unnerving—even more so when Lacey realizes she and Mike have some powerful animal magnetism!

Note: BABY, HOLD ON was originally released in 2012. This is a slightly updated version.

Note: This story is novella-length, not available in print.

All the stories in the SOUTHERN ROADS romance series, in order:

BABY, I'M YOURS (prequel novella)
BABY, I'M BACK (short story)
BABY, HOLD ON (novella)
BABY, IT'S YOU (novella)

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