The final installment in the BODY MOVERS series!

12 Bodies and a Wedding—available now in ebook, print and audio!

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Publication Date: May 2021
Carlotta Wren is planning her wedding AND trying to solve a murder, but her multi-tasking means she might not live to walk down the aisle!

It will be the happiest day of her life…

Carlotta Wren has been looking forward to her wedding day since she was a little girl, and she wants it to be perfect.  But even as she plans a blowout wedding, she has other worries on her mind.

In the process of trying to prove her former coworker was murdered, she may have stumbled onto a coverup with national implications—not to mention learning she’s blood related to someone with whom she has, um, unpleasant history.

If she lives long enough to say I DO!

And while she’s pledged her hand to one man, another man is dogging her heels, and her heart.  She has the perfect dress, the perfect ring… and the perfect man?  If only she could see into the future…

As Carlotta closes in on a murderer, she realizes she’s in the crosshairs of some powerful people who want her dead—if planning the wedding doesn’t kill her first!

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