A note from Stephanie

March 30, 2013
Stephanie Bond

Hello!  Thanks for dropping by my website!  Here you'll find information about me and my books and what's in store for each of my series, plus new projects on the horizon.  The biggest development in my career in the last couple of years is that I broke away from traditional publishing to launch a self-publishing venture.  It was a gamble to walk away from guaranteed work and established distribution to strike out on my own, but so far, so good!  I couldn't be happier with having full control over my career and over my characters and stories.  And thanks to your support, dear readers, I'm going to be able to continue the various series that my publishers dropped or otherwise tampered with over the years!  🙂

I so appreciate your continued interest and for telling your friends about my books. Know that even as you read this, I'm busy writing, creating new stories just for you!

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