11 BODIES MOVING ON—available now at a special price!

March 17, 2020
Stephanie Bond


Moving bodies, and moving on... Carlotta Wren's life is entering new territory--a new career path, a new direction in her love life, and possibly new family members to uncover. A big part of moving on, though, means leaving people and other pieces of her past behind... which might be harder than she realized. Especially when moving forward means walking through a minefield of mysterious discoveries about the people she loves, and the people she wants not to love.

*** Note:  As a thank you to loyal readers of the series, the pre-order price of 11 BODIES MOVING ON will be $4.99! Also, because pre-orders at all the retailers have been slow to go live due to customer service teams impacted by the shut-downs, the price will remain $4.99 through Tuesday, May 5. On Wednesday, May 6, the price will change to $6.99 , so order today!

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