Wanted: YOUR stories for Southern Roads!

February 7, 2016
Stephanie Bond

I'm happy to announce I recently licensed my romance series SOUTHERN ROADS to Amazon for their Kindle Worlds fan fiction program.  (This is the second world I've licensed; my BODY MOVERS mystery series is also a Kindle World.)  What is fan fiction?  Fan fiction is when readers and writers "borrow" someone else's characters and create their own stories in that world.  Some of you might know that 50 Shades of Grey by EL James was originally written as fan fiction in the world of the Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer.  When the piece of fan fiction became wildly popular, James changed the character names and tweaked it enough to release the story on its own...and the rest is history.

Up til now, fan fiction has mostly been an underground exchange of works on forums and pop-up websites because, in truth, fan fiction violates the original author's copyright.  Amazon's Kindle Worlds is attempting to bring fan fiction to the forefront, however, by licensing the worlds from the author.  In essence, Kindle Worlds is author-sanctioned fan fiction--authors are giving others permission to take their copyrighted characters and run with them in directions the original author might never consider!  By opening SOUTHERN ROADS up to Kindle Worlds, I'm hoping  readers and writers at all levels will do just that--write stories in the world I created that will entertain my readers--and entertain me!

To recap, in the SOUTHERN ROADS series, three brothers decide to rebuild their hometown of Sweetness in the remote Georgia mountains that was wiped off the map ten years ago by a tornado.  With an army of men they recruit, things are going well...until the men threaten mutiny because there are no women!  So the brothers advertise for "100 women with a pioneering spirit" to come and help them build the town...and wow, do they come!  Between the town being rebuilt and all the matchmaking going on, there are more stories in Sweetness than I could ever tell...and that's where YOU come in!  Write a story in the SOUTHERN ROADS Kindle World and not only do you get to try your hand at writing in an established world, but you earn royalties for every copy of your story that sells!  I should also add there is no expense involved--you can even use a wizard to create your own cover for free.  Intrigued? Find out more information about writing for either (or both!) of my Kindle Worlds.  Happy writing!

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