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Change is good...but not great.


Hey, there.   It’s me, the girl you probably hate—you know, the tall skinny blonde at the gym, the one who disses you at the water fountain?  I’m here to tell you everything you suspect about me is true:

Yes, I have an easy job making ridiculous money.

Yes, I turned the extra bedroom in my fab Atlanta condo into a closet for my designer wardrobe.

Yes, I have a personal assistant.

And yes, as a matter of fact, my gorgeous boyfriend is a doctor.

My life is beyond amazing and more than I could’ve dreamed of when I was growing up.  My mother might say I’ve “gotten above my raisin’.”  I guess that’s why I’ve become such a diva…and why a part of me has always been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As much as you dislike women like me (rightfully so because admittedly, even I kind of hate me), you’ll be happy to know when the shoe finally dropped—Christian Louboutin, of course—it landed with a giant, life-changing crash.

I'm Della, by the way.  Della Culpepper.  And trust me—you won't want to miss my freefall into reality.


 The TEMP GIRL daily serial ran July 1 - December 31, 2017.  A big thank you to everyone who came along for the ride!  And even though the serial has ended, all 6 TEMP GIRL e-novellas are available to binge read, and the serial in its entirety is available in print and in audio!




A note from Stephanie Bond

Thank you SO very much for taking the time to read the entire TEMP GIRL story.  Are you as sad to see it end as I am?  I’ve so enjoyed writing about Della Culpepper—she sort of reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara—spoiled and a little bit of a bull-dozer, frankly… until we realize she clawed her way up from next-to-nothing… and we see her slowly come around to being more empathetic.  And unlike Scarlett, Della gets her happily-ever-after, both with Charlie and (more important) with herself.  I have a feeling Della and Charlie’s relationship will be fiery, though, don’t you?

This daily serial wouldn’t have been possible without the support of great readers like you who not only came to read each day’s segment, but helped to spread the word to other readers.  I can’t thank you enough for all  your support.  If you missed any of the 6 monthly novellas, they’re all available from Amazon, and the full TEMP GIRL serial will be available in print and in audio as soon as I can make it happen.  Please know that I’m busy finishing other projects for the spring, but I do plan to release another free daily serial in 2018!  As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

Much love & laughter,

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