257. Directed brainstorming

Before I go for a run or do any kind of exercise, if I'm working on a manuscript, I practice what I call "directed brainstorming." All that means is I look at my synopsis/chapter outline to see what's coming up next, and I think about those scenes, try to play them out in my head, cinema-style. I play out the same scene/situation over and over and almost without fail I'll come up with extra details or small twists I hadn't thought of before. Directed brainstorming makes the scene much easier to write when I get to it. And as a bonus, it makes my workout seem to go by faster. (I sometimes practice directed brainstorming before I go to sleep, too, to let my subconscious work on my story problems. If you try it, keep a pen and paper next to your bed.)

Q:  If you experiment with directed brainstorming, share your results with other writers on Facebook.