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Long hours, low pay, and big dreams...

Hi there.  I’m Hattie Morehead, and for a 19-year-old, I’ve screwed up my life pretty good so far. I grew up in a town in Tennessee the size of a mud puddle, and I’d planned to be somewhere else by now doing something important.  Instead I got myself pregnant, dropped out of high school, and took a job at the same sewing factory that sucked the life out of my mother and my grandmother.

My relatives are shady, my friends are freaks, and my romantic prospects are dim. But this small-town girl has big dreams:

Someday I’m gonna get out of here.
Someday everyone will know my name.
Because someday instead of sewing designer clothes for minimum wage, I’ll have my own clothing line.

I admit, at times that day seems far, far away. But I’m gonna make it happen. I simply have to.

For now, I’m hanging in and hanging on… by a thread.



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July 17, Wednesday

“WOW, NICE BAG,” Jordan said, picking up my backpack.

“Thanks,” I said, kicking myself for leaving it out.

“How did you score such a pricey piece of luggage?”

I shrugged. “It was a gift.”

His eyes went wide. “Who from?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Bullshit, it does too matter.”

I sighed. “Adam Collier.”

There went his eyes again. “The preacher’s kid?”

“Yes, that one. He’s a teacher now at the high school.”


“And… he’s helping me to study for my GED.”

Jordan’s mouth dropped open. “Well, look at you, all upwardly mobile.”

A knock on the door sounded, then Rachel rolled in, holding up a paper bag. “I brought tacos. What did I miss?”

“Hattie is sparking with the preacher’s kid.”

Rachel’s eyes bounced wide. “No shit?”

I scoffed. “Jordan is insane. Adam Collier is helping me study for my GED, and that’s all.”

Rachel cocked a generous hip. “I know him—he is cute. And preacher’s kids are freaky good in bed.”

We both looked at her.

“Allegedly,” she added, but she blushed. Then she pointed at me. “It’s about time you got laid.”

“Stop, both of you.” I held up my hands. “Adam is over the GED program at the high school, and that’s all.”

Jordan held up my new backpack. “He bought her this hunk of leather.”

Rachel gave me a pointed look. “PK wants to get busy with you.”

“Toldja,” Jordan crowed.

I shooed them toward the couch. “You’re both crazy. Adam’s just a friend.”

“Right,” Jordan said. “And every GED student gets a three-hundred-dollar backpack just for signing up.”

Rachel laughed, settling between us.

“It’s probably a hand-me-down of his sister’s,” I murmured.

“What was her name?” Jordan asked.


“Right… weren’t the two of you buddy-buddy in high school?”

Jordan was a year older and remembered everything about high school I’d forgotten. “We were friends, yeah.”

“So you and Adam hung out back then?” he asked, his eyebrows way up. The way he looked at me made me realize what he was implying.
I gave him a secret head shake behind Rachel’s back. “No, Adam and I did not hang out back then. I didn’t even recognize him when I saw him again at the daycare. He’s the same age as Geena.”

“Oh, then we should ask her if he’s freaky in bed,” Rachel said with a snort.

“Good one,” Jordan said.

Even I had to laugh, but their insinuation that Adam was interested in me left me unnerved. “Can we watch the show, please?”

I turned up the volume on Project Runway. We watched the summary from last week’s unconventional materials challenge, reminding each other of forgotten details.

“Oh, my God,” Jordan said. “What is that smell?”

Just as he said it, I became aware of a potent, blatantly male smell of pepper and… sex?

He drew back from Rachel. “You’re boinking Jonesy Lock again.”

“Am not,” she squeaked.

“You stink of his Axe body spray,” Jordan accused. “Ew—the man is way too old for that teenage toilet water.”

Rachel frowned. “Get off my back.”

“You’re the one who needs to get off your back,” Jordan shot back. “At least with that bonehead.”

“Enough, you two,” I chided.

Jordan made a noise of disgust. “It’s like he marked you with it, Rachel. It’s so red.”

Rachel smirked at me. “I like it—it’s sexy. If Adam Collier shows up at one of your study sessions wearing Axe, you know what he has in mind.” ~

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