7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES available now!

The next full-length installment of the BODY MOVERS series, 7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES, available now!  Ebook available everywhere:  Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, and BarnesandNoble.com.  Print book available now at Amazon and coming soon to BarnesandNoble.com.  Audiobook coming in April to Amazon and Audible.)20 7 Brides for 7 Bodies

7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES has been a long time in the making, and represents a milestone for me personally.  Back when I was writing book 6 for my publisher, my editor warned me that in-house support for the series was waning, and I might be given only one more book to wrap up the series.  That necessitated an escalation in the story arc–if I only had one more book to explain everything, then I needed for (spoiler alert if you haven’t read book 6!) Carlotta and Wesley’s father to return at the end.  I’d wanted them to have time to look into their father’s case before he returned, but my hand was forced.  Then–surprise!  My publisher didn’t give me one more book to finish the series–they dropped the series altogether.

I went on to write a romance series for them–the mortgage kind of needed to be paid.  But readers were understandably upset that the BODY MOVERS series had ended on a cliffhanger.  That was 2009 and I had no options for finishing the series–no publisher wants to pick up a series that another publisher has dropped and still controls the early books.

Then in 2011 I launched a self-publishing venture to get some early titles back out there, and finishing the BODY MOVERS series on my own was suddenly a possibility.  But I was in a bind, so to speak:  my publisher still held the rights and control of the first 6 books for which they’d demonstrated disregard; for an author, that’s a dangerous place to operate from.  I asked for the rights back to the first 6 books and was refused.  I offered to buy the rights back–still no.   Which left me in a dilemma:  The only way I was ever going to get the rights back to books 1-6 was if the sales for those books dipped below a certain threshold.  If I continued to write books in the series, I would be driving sales back to those early books, which would virtually guarantee I’d never get the rights back.  What to do?

I decided to keep writing books in the BODY MOVERS series.  But while all the above was going on, I had set other projects in motion, which I had to finish.  And business was booming–suddenly it was necessary to get my self-published books in other formats and languages, and that was all on me.  Months passed while I got other pieces of business put in place, then (gulp!) years.

Here’s where I should say that my former publisher, even though they haven’t reverted the ebook rights for the BODY MOVERS series, has since demonstrated a willingness to work with me on other aspects of the BODY MOVERS series, including helping me to get the out-of-print books available in print once again.  The situation isn’t ideal, but it’s a working compromise.

ANYWAY, no one is happier than I am that BODY MOVERS book 7 is here…the drama was killing me!  I only hope you will think it was worth the wait. ~


Announcing BODY MOVERS Kindle Worlds!

BODY MOVERS is the latest “world” added to the Kindle Worlds fan fiction program!  Now readers and writers who enjoy the BODY MOVERS series can add their own stories to the series through the Kindle Worlds program.  And the best part?  You earn royalties!  Click here for more information about submitting your own BODY MOVERS Kindle Worlds story for publication on Amazon!



Reading, Writing, and Reinvention

December 16, 2014— IN HINDSIGHT, my entire life has been about reinvention…and usually out of necessity!  Back in the mid 90s, I relocated and left a job in computer programming I loved…and unfortunately, landed in a job I didn’t love. That move forced me to get serious about writing (a hobby up to that point), which led to a new career. I left the corporate world in the late 90s to write fiction full-time.  Over the next 15 years or so, I wrote dozens of books for various NY publishers, with varying degrees of success and frustration.  In 2011 when the economy and the book industry was floundering, my publisher withdrew support, and I wasn’t sure what to do next.  With nothing to lose, I launched an independent publishing venture to put a dozen early titles of mine back out into the market…and the ebook market exploded in all directions!  One day I was a middling novelist with an uncertain future…and the next day I was running an international multimedia company out of my tiny home office.  It’s been mind-blowing in the best possible way!

I relish my new career because it encompasses everything I love:  books, art, technology, and business.  Every day is different because I might be dealing with putting stories into ebooks, print, audio, foreign language translations, or film/TV.  The paperwork alone is staggering.  Meanwhile, social media has exploded, and I’m scrambling to keep up!  The one thing that’s suffered is my writing time because there’s so much business to transact in so many different parts of the world and time zones.  But I’m doing my best, and I appreciate your patience as I put all the pieces in place to move forward in a big way.  I have a lot of news to report, and much more to come in the next several months, which is why I’m restarting my (this) blog!  Please stay tuned…